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TRT, Peptides and HGH in Phoenix

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Testosterone TRT Clinic in Phoenix

Testosterone optimization therapy from convenience of your own home.  Tele appointments with professional providers included and scheduled at your convenience, from anywhere.  Trusted local compounding pharmacies ship the medications and supplies directly to your door.  Start with a free tele appointment today.

Testosterone trt telehealth virtual
Peptide therapy virtual clinic

Peptide Therapy Clinic in Phoenix

Peptide therapies in Phoenix for weight loss, performance, anti-aging and regenerative health as well as skin and sexual function.  Our professionals have an array of therapies to improve your wellness today, start with a free tele appointment to discuss goals of your therapy.

Weight Loss Therapy Clinic in Phoenix

Peptide therapies for weight loss in Phoenix from convenience and privacy of your own home.  Tele appointments included and can be scheduled from anywhere with trusted professionals who will discuss your goals and optimize your metabolic function using latest peptides, such as Tirzepatide and Semaglitude (most popular ones).

HRT and Women Health Clinic in Phoenix
Botox and Injectable fillers

Botox and Injectables in Phoenix

Our aesthetic injectors provide in-office neurotoxin injections, including Xeomin and Dysport. Book your appointment in our South Scottsdale office today and receive a no obligation free consultation with one of our RN injectors.

IV Therapy in Phoenix

Our on demand IV Therapy Nutrition will make you feel better the same day and stop that cold or flu virus in its tracks with our High Dose Vitamin C dosing.  Or add Gluthatione to finish off your nutrient package with a powerful antioxidant.  We do parties and events and offer discounts to groups, get in touch today by texting or calling us.

IV Therapy and IV vitamins


executive compensation package

Corporate Executive Compensation Health Package

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Professionals at what they do, should have been put sooner on HRT. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel at ease. The regimen ended up helping me shed 23lbs in 4 months and sleep throughout the night without nightsweats.

Eve C 38HR Executive

By far the easiest clinic I've ever worked with. They took the time to listen and truly understood what I was going thru. I would highly recommend them, you simply just won't find more caring people.

Jennifer GomezRT

Tirzepatide has been a godsend and I have no one to thank but the nurses at Profusions who made the process so easy. I've already lost 12lbs and its only been week 6. Everything ships to your house, could not be easier!

Q ZConstruction