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Our experts take both your qualitative and quantitative goals into consideration before developing a custom therapy to meet both those goals. We meet with you repeatedly until you are satisfied and redraw labs until medications have been titrated to a level that maintains your state of wellbeing and harmony that you expect. Stop suffering and start living an energized, focused and well balanced life like nature intended you to.

You will feel better

  • Improved sleep

  • Wake up rested

  • Increased energy & focus

  • Clear, sharp mind

  • Increase sense of wellbeing

You will perform better

  • Increased energy & vitality

  • Increased mental focus

  • Increased physical ability

  • Increased libido & sex drive

  • Improved emotional wellbeing

You reap benefits of TRT

  • Feel younger & happier

  • Think clearer & faster

  • Perform better at work

  • Get you mojo back

  • Gain or lose body mass

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Free consult with expert RN to discuss details of TRT vs your goals, intent is to answer your questions and provide guidance in decisions making process.

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10 Week Cycle


/2.5 months
  • Telehealth visits
  • Initial Labs $89
  • TRT medication, swabs & syringes
  • Free shipping to your door
  • Member discounts on additional therapies
  • Annual Labs included
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/2.5 months
  • Telehealth visits
  • Initial Labs $89
  • TRT & HCG medication, swabs & syringes
  • Free shipping to your door
  • Member discounts on additional therapies
  • Annual Labs included
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+ Sermorelin


/2.5 months
  • Telehealth visits
  • Initial Labs $89
  • TRT+ HCG + Sermorelin medications, swabs & syringes
  • Free shipping to your door
  • Member discounts on additional therapies
  • Annual Labs included
Anti-aging package
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Most common questions

What is TRT?

TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy involving replacement with daily-weekly injections of exogenous testosterone which results in increasing your testosterone levels and making you feel like you used to when same levels were high.

What is microdosing TRT?

Our microdosing regimen involves administration of minimum amount of testosterone required to elicit a desired therapeutic effect. This usually involves start dosing daily at about 3-5u from an insulin syringe into subcutaneous fat.

What is the cost of TRT or peptide therapy?

Medication costs are worked into your choice of plan. We do our best to shop around but try not to compromise integrity and quality of products with availability and costs of pharmaceuticals we use ourselves, and sell to our clients.

Do I have to see a provider every month?

Depending on the medications and therapies used you may have to see a provider every month until therapeutic titration is complete. Peptides do not require labwork but TRT does, for example.  Once titrated to requested patient affect, TRT may require labs once a year.

Are labs required before TRT?

Yes, bloodwork is required before TRT is initiated.  Depending on titration method you may not have to see the provider again for 6 months or more.  If you have recent bloodwork (<30 days) providers may accept it at their discretion. Inquiry with provider during free consult or your telehealth visit.

Why do I have to pay for minimum of 2 months for TRT?

We find it impossible to reach a therapeutic dose and/or titrate medications to patient affect in less than 60 days.  For example, most TRT patients need a blood redraw 5-6 weeks after initiation of therapy for medication titration.  

What about fertility issues with prolonged TRT?

Our experts can address fertility concerns by customizing TRT to include gonadotropics or similar drugs which would act on your testes to ensure they do not go dormant and continue to perform during TRT.  Discuss further with your provider.

Are injectables better than pills, or viceversa?

That is a good question but also depends on many factors such as your willingness to perform 3 times a day vs once a week, thus involvement vs convenience among others come first.  Additionally, one method of administration may result in immediate physiological response while another may release slower but over a longer period of time.  Consult with your provider.

I still have questions, can I speak with someone about TRT?

Absolutely.  We prefer you call in for a FREE 15min consult so that we can address all your concerns and perhaps provide you with further material and educational sources for you to do your diligence and fully understand the processes involved in your discussed plan of care.  

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What We Delivered

What our clients say

So when I started microdosing my peers on trt were laughing at me saying that I would need alot more testosterone. Well 3 weeks later and my testosterone came back at 968 with a weekly dose of 84mg. As advised I do daily injections and by now its become a routine, plus using 29g insulin syringes is a godsend!


I met Dan at the gym and after talking to him I decided to give it a try because he hit so many points that I have been struggling with lately, like lack of sleep, energy, depression, anxieties and so on. Process was easy, pay for a telehealth visit and then get your medications 3 days later at your door. Thanks Dan.

Rustin, 36yo

To remain competitive I needed my testosterone level to be at a certain level and dr. A delivered. Now i feel like i used to when i was in my mid 20's, which is almost 20 years ago lol! Thanks Profusions for making it easy.

Josiah G, 28MMC fighter

My test level was 312 and my php would not do anything to boost me up to where I needed to be. I am 34yo and weight lift and this level was not acceptable to me. With Profusions we are able to hit the exact number. I feel it and it SHOWS!

Walter, 33weightlifter

I was having a hard time staying focused, sleeping as well as enjoying life in general anymore. After a friend mentioned hormonal dysfunction I looked it up and found Profusions. A few weeks to maybe a month after starting TRT I started sleeping better and not feeling tired all the time. Now that my levels are where I want them I am back in charge of my life. Thank you guys.

Mike, 38TRT

I was having a hard time focusing and having energy to do anything like play with my kids even, too exhausted all the time. Boy am I glad i found profusions and had my labs checked. I am on week 6 and I feel like a different man. Thank you guys, the process was so easy and Dan answered all me questions before going through it.

Jason, 35
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