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Testosterone Replacement Therapy - TRT

Low Testosterone, TRT

Low testosterone levels? Softer or fewer erections, longer recovery times, feeling depressed and exhausted? All symptoms of andropause & our experts can help your body function at a level it used to when it was in its prime with our signature microdosing testosterone replacement regimen.

Weight Loss Therapy

Weight Loss Therapy

Just cannot shed those last few pounds? Our experts can help you do that with latest available pharmaceuticals like Tirzepatide or Semaglitude.  Start today by getting in touch with one of our experts for a free consult, don’t wait.

Why Therapy

Peptides, SARMs, HGH - All Anti-aging

Oral peptides offer unique potential benefits meant to promote wellness and performance and Anti-aging

BPC-157, Dihexa, KPV, and TB-4 Frag peptides in a convenient, dietary supplement form. Each peptide offers unique potential benefits meant to promote wellness and performance. Get a 10% discount through us!

Thorne, Douglas, Pure, Anabolic - Supplements

Eat more nutraceuticals.

Looking for quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements and nutraceuticals? Create an account through our shop at Fullscript, and receive quality supplements from trusted labs.  Create a free account and start browsing today, no purchase or verification necessary. 15% off through our link!

Katavi Skincare, PCA, Carboxy, and more!

Quality Skincare, Quality Ingredients

Revitalize your skincare routine with premium products from leading brands such as Katavi Skincare, PCA, and CO2 Lift—all at discounted prices. Discover the perfect blend of luxurious formulations enriched with desirable ingredients that cater to your skin’s unique needs. Our curated selection offers top-tier skincare solutions that prioritize effectiveness and quality without compromising affordability. Elevate your self-care regimen with confidence, knowing you’re investing in products backed by renowned brands renowned for their commitment to excellence. Explore our collection today and unlock the secrets to radiant, healthy-looking skin without breaking the bank.

Quality Over Quantity

Profusions difference

Individualized Care

Custom care plans built to your specific needs, no one size fits all.  We consider your response to therapy along with lab data to best optimize individualized solutions.

Trusted Professionals

Expert professionals taking care of you on a one-to-one basis now, at your own pace and your own need.  We meet your goals, you’re the purpose.

Concierge Services

On-demand concierge health service at your disposal, 24/7.  Your needs are met in privacy of your own home, at your own pace and for your convenience.


Free shipping to your door.  All appointments are telehealth, only labwork may require you to leave the convenience of your daily routine.
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Do I need to see a doctor for TRT or HGH?

Yes you need a telehealth face to face with a licensed provider in order to dispense any medication in Arizona and many other states.

Are your services and therapies covered by health insurance?

Our services are not covered by insurance but you can use your FSA or HSA cards/funds to pay for all of our services.

Can I use FSA/HSA to pay for your services and therapies?

You sure can.  You can use your FSA/HSA to pay for ALL of our services, as well as major credit cards and paypal or zelle.

Are all of your medications and products shipped directly from manufacturers?

All of our products you purchase through our Wellevate affiliate ship directly from manufacturers.  Some products we feel very strong about we actually stock ourselves and sell at even greater discounts.  

Do you offer any promotions for first-time buyers?

We do offer discounts to first time buyers from time to time and we offer 15% discount to first responders, military and veterans get 20%.

What We Delivered

What our clients say

It was real easy to get started on peptide therapy to get my feet wet. Did not need any labwork and within 3 days of my teleconference I received my packet and started the protocol. Would recommend it to anyone.

Jim 33yocjc + bpc

The process was easy and convenient. After my blood draw they scheduled a tele visit and I was able to discuss my goals with an expert in the field who laid out a plan for me to meet my goals. 4 weeks in and I am starting to feel the difference. My medicine was conveniently shipped to my door.

Armando 43yoTRT

I have noticed how quickly I recover from hard workouts. I'm doing gnarly leg workouts 3xdays a week, 60-90min 8 exercises and each week I have to go heavier. While still sore a little all the time it's NOTHING. I am healing so much faster and I sleep HARD. And I am getting stronger every week I am loading more plates to the bar thinking it will be my limit and to my surprise it ends up being too light.

Laura 41yoCJC1295 + Ipamorelin

After feeling tired all the time and noticing that half my hair was gone, I decided to do something about it. This process was so easy it is unbelivable, I only had to leave to get my blood drawn. Everything else was done from home. Recommended!

John C. 45yotrt

I started both peptides and trt at the recommendation of my doctor after he examined my labs. About 8 weeks in and I feel like a different man! It's like magic, thank you for all that you do. I spent years suffering quietly.

Matt, 37TRT and peptides

Yesterday I did 4 sets of 12 hip thrusts at 180lbs and I probably could have added another 15-20lbs. It's been years since I could hit thrust than a 150lbs.

Nicole 37yoCJC1295+ipamorelin

I am down 6lbs since Sunday morning and not sure if it's coincidence or in my head or what but I swear my feet (plantar fasciitis) have not been in agonizing pain when I step on them first thing in the morning. Feels like my tendons aren't as tight.

Natalia 39yoCJC1295 with ipamorelin

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