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NAD+ Therapy $299/ vial (1-2month supply, dose dependent)
Sermorelin $199/month
Glutathione $299/ vial (1-2month supply, dose dependent)
Tirzepatide $399-$499/mo (Dose Dependent)
Semaglutide $299- $399/mo (Dose Dependent)
The same active ingredient in Mounjaro®* and Wegovy ®*
Includes Provider & Medication
No Hidden Fees – No Insurance Needed

You will feel better

  • Improved sleep
  • Wake up rested
  • Increased energy & focus
  • Clear, sharp mind
  • Increase sense of wellbeing

You will perform better

  • Increased energy & vitality
  • Increased mental focus
  • Increased physical ability
  • Increased libido & sex drive
  • Improved emotional wellbeing

You reap the benefits

  • Feel younger & happier
  • Think clearer & faster
  • Perform better at work
  • Get you mojo back
  • Gain or lose body mass
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Most common questions

What are peptides and what do they do?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds.  Peptides can have an effect on the endocrine glands stimulating them to produce hormones endogenously, meaning by your own body.  There are benefits to this, most obvious one is that it is impossible to overdose with peptides and lesser side effects.

Do I have to draw my blood for peptide therapy?

Yes, usually you do because we need to make sure that your glands are working otherwise giving you medication is pointless.  If you have labs within <30 days we can usually accept those, at provider discretion.

How can you sell peptides online legally?

Through telehealth technology you can have a face-to-face with a prescribing practitioner from the comfort of your home.  You may have to leave comforts of your home for lab draws, or inquire about our mobile lab service in Arizona only.

How long do I have to be on peptides to see results?

Usually you start feeling effects within 2-3 weeks of starting therapy, for optimal results it takes about 2-3 months of therapy. 

Do I get syringes to self-inject at home?

Yes, you get what is referred to as a kit which is prepared by the compounding pharmacy and includes alcohol wipes, syringes, medications and instructions. 

Are medications shipped to me on ice?

Yes, our compounding pharmacy ships peptides overnight in a cool ice packed container for your convenience and best quality.

Is peptide therapy covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately it is not covered by insurance.  You can use your FSA/HSA card to pay for all of our services, including peptide therapies.

I still have questions, can I speak with someone about peptides?

Absolutely.  We prefer you call in for a FREE 15min consult so that we can address all your concerns and perhaps provide you with further material and educational sources for you to do your diligence and fully understand the processes involved in your discussed plan of care.  

Call 623.428.4497 or leave a message and we will get back to you.

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What our clients say

I've been feeling tired and generally disinterested in life lately so I was reading about nutritional and physical approaches then stumbled upon peptides and trt one late night, as usual. Boy am I glad I emailed Profusions because next day they called me and explained what they could do with peptides for me. 4 months later and I feel like I sleep better, eat better and generally feel happier. I even lost 9lbs I was not trying to lose.

JJ, 43yoHR consultant

Chronic pain in my elbow has prevented me from playing tennis like I used to. I started a course of bpc157 and it was a breeze to schedule and go thru it online. I am on month 3 now my elbow has been feeling better for a month. I also added a multivitamin to my regimen as advised by the physician. Thank you!

Mitch G, 53yoTech guy

I did not need peptides and instead a nutraceutical package deal to jump start me on my new health adventure. Peptides were more expensive and they actually advised me to go a different route which I feel would be more beneficial to my general wellbeing while keeping costs in mind. Thank you Chantel, I appreciate you taking the time.

Joanne, 47yoBusiness Owner

I wanted cjc and ghkcu and it turns out it is hard to find a local clinic to go to and get this stuff so I had to go online and I am glad I did. One televisit and I had my peptides at my door 3 days later in a cooler! Highly recommended!

Don R, 33yoWelder and biker
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