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Amira Said, NP

Saguaro Valley Health

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Saguaro Valley Health
Concierge Medical Services
Phoenix, AZ

Offering Small Business Key Solutions to Maintain Your Company's Health & Wellness
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Dr. Steven Sorr

A Source of Health

Aesthetics, Skin and Laser, Functional & Regenerative Medicine. Ultrasound Guided Injections

Healthcare redefined for modern life.

480.361.4005 | mysourceofhealth.com | behealthy@mysourceofhealth.com
10752 N 89th Pl STE B118 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Nicole Harding, Founder

Holistic Hollow

Discover Your True Self

Holistic Hollow is a safe space for self-exploration and realization. It is a space for all beings and all bodies to take time to strengthen and restore. It is a space to work toward harmonizing the whole.

At Holistic Hollow we believe that through breath, body, and mind, you can transform your emotional state and heal the physical body.
We invite you to join us as you seek what is most important to you.

6702 East Cave Creek Road
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Visit the online schedule or register using the app.

(602) 821-8800

Dr. Tim Ballitch

Muscle Chiropractic

Chiropractic & Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Cupping, Scraping, Fascial Work, Shockwave Therapy, Cold Laser, Biomechanical Assessments, Corrective Exercise


No Insurance Needed No Long-Term Contracts Just RESULTS
First visit is $150.00 cash $154.13 cc.
Follow-ups: $55.00 cash $56.57 cc.
No Insurance Needed No Long-Term Contracts Just RESULTS

Aesthetics Injector Sumar

Derma Art Medspa

Specialty Areas include Neuromodulator, dermal fillers, lipdissolve, Kybella, and collagen injections for face and body!

Text or call 480-630-7542
Nichole Town, LMT

Town Therapy Concierge Masseuse

Experience the ultimate reset and relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

License: MT-16830
(480) 646-0771
We Bring the Relaxation to You!
Experience the ultimate reset and relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

With over a decade of massage expertise under her belt, Nichole utilizes a variety of modalities, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Joint Range of Motion (ROM), and more. Her wealth of experience and techniques seamlessly guide clients toward natural healing within both their physical and energetic bodies.

Nichole's offerings extend beyond traditional massage, encompassing a holistic approach that includes Reiki, Sound Vibration Healing, Chakra Balancing, Meditation Guidance, Breathing Techniques, and more. Whether you're seeking a light and soothing session, focused trigger-point work, enhanced joint mobility, or a comprehensive energetic reset featuring Reiki, sound healing, and soul-work, Nichole will tailor her services to align with your unique needs.

All of this can be enjoyed stress-free and conveniently within the familiar confines of your own home, ensuring a truly unforgettable healing experience!

Shelby Chance, Haircare & Restoration

Shelby Chance Hair

Visionary Hairstylist with a passion for Art of natural haircare

Shelby, a visionary hairstylist whose passion lies in the art of natural haircare and restoration. With nimble fingers and a keen eye for detail, she has mastered the craft of repairing and revitalizing hair to its fullest potential. Her journey began as a calling to celebrate the beauty of natural hair textures and empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves! She is a true believer of enhancing only what’s needed. In a world inundated with chemical treatments and harsh styling practices, Shelby stands as a beacon of gentleness and nourishment. Her approach is grounded in the belief that every client in her chair has their own to their lifestyle of styling their hair. She has developed her techniques and products tailored to heal and strengthen even the most damaged locks. With warmth and expertise, she will guide you through a personalized journey towards healthier, happier hair. Whether it's through indulgent deep conditioning treatments, precise trimming methods, or gentle styling practices, Shelby’s goal is to help her clients unlock the full potential of their natural hair, reclaiming confidence and radiance with every appointment!
Vanessa Biers, RN

AZ IV Infusions

Offering both in-office and mobile infusions. Let us help you decide what IV therapy your need today!

Call/text: 602-909-4814

Offering Meyers Cocktails, Beauty Bags, NAD+, & Hangover Recovery IV!


Wild Ivy Esthetics

Not only does Wild Ivy offer skincare services and treatments, but facial and body waxing as well as body sculpting! Book your treatment today!


Wild Ivy is an aesthetic studio located in Phoenix, Arizona. Owned and operated by licensed aesthetician, Amber Cummins, Wild Ivy offers a variety of skincare services. Whether you're trying to correct acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, or just looking to disconnect and be pampered, we have got you covered.
Hi! I'm Amber, licensed aesthetician and owner of Wild Ivy. I've always had a passion for caring for others, and I have a natural drive to problem solve skincare concerns and issues. On top of my aesthetics license, I have my degree in biology, so a vast knowledge of the ins and outs of your skin!! I'm also passionate about animal welfare so I'll only ever use products that aren't tested on animals!

Arizona substance abuse treatment

Cornerstone Healing Center

Highly Rated Rehab in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona

At Cornerstone, we treat the following substance abuse and dual-diagnosis conditions at our recovery centers in Scottsdale:
Alcohol: We offer holistic rehabilitation programs for alcoholism.
Opioids: We provide comprehensive care and support for those seeking to overcome opioid dependency.
Fentanyl: We specialize in treating fentanyl addiction and offer hope and healing.
Meth: Our programs treat methamphetamine addiction at its roots and support our clients through the healing process.
Cocaine: Our specialized treatment plans focus on overcoming cocaine dependency and promoting long-term sobriety.
Dual Diagnosis: Tailored therapy for dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health conditions.
(480) 863-0220