Myers' Cocktail

aka Banana Bag

Treat yourself to the “gold standard” of the IV infusion therapy.  Contains all essential B vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin C and Calcium.


This Treatment Includes: 

  • B COMPLEX (B1-B6)
  • VITAMIN B-12

A much needed pick me up, thank you guys! I can feel the difference.

James B

What is Myers' Cocktail IV Therapy?

A Myers cocktail was named after physician Dr. John Myers who came up with this mixture in the 1960s. The vitamins and minerals contained in the Myers’ cocktail are important in the normal functioning of nerves and muscles (magnesium and calcium), metabolism and conversion of food into energy (vitamin B complex), and protection against cell damage (vitamin C).

General Health & Wellbeing

  • Regulation of metabolic function
  • Improves nerve and muscle function
  • Protection against cell damage

What is in Myers' Cocktail IV Therapy?

Hydration part

Myers Cocktail, aka banana bag IV therapy starts as a 1 Liter normal saline iv bag.  A smaller 500mL bag can be substituted if requested.

Nutrification part

To this bag we then add the following active ingredients:
  • Magnesium: Plays a critical role in energy production. Contributes to optimal nerve and muscle function.
  • B-Complex: Energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism.
  • B12 Hydroxocobalamin: Energy, healthy nerve cells.
  • Calcium: Needed for many functions of the body, especially bone formation and maintenance.
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): Antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative damage.

Suggested & Popular add-ins:

  • Glutathione
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C (high dose)

Benefits of Myers' Cocktail IV Therapy?

Provides a direct and immediate boost of microelements necessary to carry out many metabolic functions allowing you to to feel better immediately. Our clients report that they experience:
  • Shorter illness time and
  • Quicker & easier recovery
  • Better Mental Clarity
  • Improved Focus
  • More Energy

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