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Muscles, Performance, Drive

Low testosterone – TRT

Have you plateaued? Or even worse, are you not hitting the gym like you used to just not too long ago? Are you a competitor? Our experts can help your body function at a level it used to when it was in its prime.  Call us today for a free 15min consultation.

ED, Sexual Drive & Libido

Libido, ED and Stamina

No drive? Feeling exhausted, or even worse, not interested at all? Maybe ED? Whatever the issue may be our experts can help you get your mojo back for some fun times in the bedroom.  

Top Performers, Athletes, CEOs

Perform like you used to.

Are you a top performer or already on TRT? If you want the edge, the latest in medical tech and antiaging then HGH/peptide therapy is the next logical step.  Call us or schedule a free consultation with one of our clinician specialist and start feeling like you used, again.

Sport Therapy, Personalized Massage

Massage Therapy

Get a personal massage from your favorite expert today.  Or schedule one for a loved one.  Guaranteed to soothe your soul and relax your body.

Supplements 15% OFF Retail

Eat more nutraceuticals.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements and nutraceuticals at our discounts, extended to you.  Lowest price guarantee or we beat it by 15%.  Create a free account and start browsing today, no purchase or verification necessary.

Feel Better Immediately

IV & IM Nutrition

If you are feeling sick, dehydrated or just hungover we can help you feel better today.  Call or text us or just book one of our IV bags for same day service.  We also do IM vitamin injections that can be bundled with your IV bag to save money and improve your wellbeing.

Call today and start your free consultation.

Quality Over Quantity

Profusions difference.

Individualized Care

Custom care plans built to your specific needs, no one size fits all.  We consider your response to therapy along with lab data to best optimize individualized solutions.

Trusted Professionals

Expert professionals taking care of you on a one-to-one basis now, at your own pace and your own need.  We meet your goals, you’re the purpose.

Concierge Services

On-demand concierge health service at your disposal, 24/7.  Your needs are met in privacy of your own home, at your own pace and for your convenience.


Free shipping to your door.  All appointments are telehealth, only labwork may require you to leave the convenience of your daily routine.
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Most common questions

Does my health insurance cover any of these services?

Unfortunately it does not. But you can use your FSA/HSA card to pay for any of our services and all health related products like nutraceuticals and supplements.

Do I have to meet with a physician and become new patient?

You do not necessarily need to become a new patient but you may have to have a face-to-face with a prescribing provider before any medications can be prescribed legally.  Technology today allows for zoom-like telehealth visits which are also usually included in the price.

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It was real easy to get started on peptide therapy to get my feet wet. Did not need any labwork and shortly after my teleconference I received my packet and started the protocol. Would recommend it to anyone.

Jim, 33cjc + bpc

The process was easy and convenient. After my blood draw they scheduled a tele visit and I was able to discuss my goals with an expert in the field who laid out a plan for me to meet my goals. 4 weeks in and I am starting to feel the difference. Thank you guys.

Armando, 43TRT

After feeling tired all the time and noticing that half my hair was gone, I decided to do something about it. This process was so easy it is unbelivable, I only had to leave to get my blood drawn. Everything else was done from home. Recommended!

John C.TRT

I started both peptides and trt at the recommendation of my doctor after he examined my labs. About 8 weeks in and I feel like a different man! It's like magic, thank you guys and all that you do. I spent years suffering quietly.

Matt, 37trt and peptides
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